New Product - THE DASH-MAT

18 September 2008
New Product - THE DASH-MAT

New Product - THE DASH-MAT - Launched 18th September

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  • Compatible with many electronic devices
  • Moulds to the dasboard
  • Holder rotates - ideal for many applications, portrait or landscape
  • Universal Fit, Move From Car to Car
  • Arms expand to 3 3/4 inches

Product Description
The Dash-Mat is a holding device that is compatible with most iPods, Mobile Phones, PDA's, Handheld GPS and Radar Detectors. The Dash-Mat is an essential item if using your Blackberry (or other GPS enabled Mobile phone) with Sat-Nav. Using the physics of weight distribution and a unique high tech anti-skid material the Dash-Mat contours to the top of the dash providing a solid base, allowing for convenient reach and greater portability. Ideal for moving devices from car to car for people on the go, and convenient for putting out of site when away from the vehicle.