A new version of the popular Nav-Mat

10 July 2012
A new version of the popular Nav-Mat

The Nav-Mat II is different. It is almost flat and blends in with your car dashboard.

My wife uses the original version of the Nav-Mat every day on her way to work as she relies on her sat nav to keep her posted on traffic problems.

It’s now at least three years old and in this time it has never failed. It has never moved or slipped from the dashboard and allows quick and easy removal of the sat nav
when parking.

In fact, our original Nav-Mat has out-lived the sat nav that we currently use as this is on its last legs.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I was keen to try the new Nav-Mat II dubbed as an ‘improved, slimmer and smarter version’.

The original Nav-Mat is best described as a donut filled with weighted beads. The centre of the donut features a large plastic The Nav-Mat II plate where you attach the suction cup from your sat nav.

The base of the donut is covered in non-slip rubber and this along with the weight of the beads keeps your sat nav exactly where you put it.

My only criticism of the original Nav-Mat is that it places extra strain on your cables as the wire is forced to run over the raised outer rim of the donut before having to kink back around to plug into the base of the sat nav — something a later redesign addressed.

The Nav-Mat II is different. It is almost flat and blends in with your car dashboard. This time, the Nav-Mat takes on a rectangle design measuring around 8ins by

Again, the centre of the mat features a large plastic plate ready to accept the sucker from your sat nav. But instead of relying on weight and non-slip rubber, the Nav-Mat II uses TemporBond technology. This system is best described as removeable glue — the base of the Nav-Mat II is extremely sticky and along with its flexible design, the device blends and bonds itself to any shape of dashboard. And as the glue is only a temporary fixing, the Nav-Mat II can be easily lifted off the dashboard for storage — it comes with a flimsy but practical plastic tray to protect the sticky surface. In terms of use, the Nav-Mat II cannot be faulted.

It bonds well and keeps the sat nav firmly in place. It also keeps your sat nav safe and secure as there is no chance of temperature changes causing your sucker
to fall off the windscreen and it puts an end to the telltale ring marks on your window advertising to thieves that you have a sat nav.

However, the Nav-Mat II is not perfect and I don’t think it will last as long as our original Nav-Mat. So that you do not advertise to thieves that you probably have a sat nav stored in your glove box, you will have to peel the Nav-Mat II from your dashboard after every trip. Now although I try and keep our car clean and tidy, this sticky surface has already collected hair, dust and crumbs — it’s like a giant lint remover.

But, the more dust and dirt you pick up, the less stick the Nav-Mat II has to bond to your dashboard. I like the slimline design as it no longer kinks my cables, I just don’t like the sticky fixing method. Can I suggest the rapid invention of the Nav-Mat III? I propose a slim and unobtrusive design that looks like the Nav-Mat II but is weighted rather than sticky. A combination of both models would be the perfect answer.

For now, I’m happy sticking with my original Nav-Mat.