The ultimate 360 rotating stand for your iPad, Kindle or tablet

10 July 2012
The ultimate 360 rotating stand for your iPad, Kindle or tablet

The Twist360 is a simple but effective stand which clamps to the back of your iPad, Kindle or other tablet to offer infinite viewing angles while being able to rotate through 360 degrees.

I have reviewed a number of gadgets and gizmos for the iPad, but this one stands at the top of the tree. It is well built, it is practical and it is affordable. The stand can be categorised into three main sections.

Firstly, you have a large flat back plate featuring a non-slip central area. It's this plate which forms the skeleton of the stand and is the section which clamps flat to the back of your device.

On either side of this plate are two spring-loaded clamps, which adjust to suit the width of your unit. The clamps adjust to hold a bulkier tablet such as the iPad down to a small unit such as the Kindle. The Twist360 can clamp to any device measuring between 6.25ins and 7.5ins.

The final part of the stand is a swivel base which is attached to the rear of the main central plate. This circular stand is easy to spin through 360 degrees and the angle at which this stand holds your device is infinitely adjustable.

Although the stand can spin through 360 degrees, there are fixed stops at each 90 degree twist so that your device is held straight. This twisting base is also removeable for storage.

The kit also comes with a sturdy Velcro strap because by twisting the base into a hook position, you can slip this over the Velcro strap which should be fastened around your car headrests. By combining the stand with the strap, you can hold your device in a correct viewing position while travelling.