The evolution of the Nav-Mat has ensured perfect results

08 October 2012
The evolution of the Nav-Mat has ensured perfect results

Review from Weekender Consumer, Stephen Sinfield: I have watched the Nav-Mat evolve over the years and I believe this fourth generation device is the best yet.

This portable gadget keeps your sat nav in place while you are driving without the need of sticking a sucker to your windscreen.

As your sat nav sticks to the mat rather than your windscreen, you eliminate the tell-tale ring marks left on your windscreen — rings which advertise to thieves that you have a fancy sat nav stored in your glove box.

The journey to near perfection for the Nav-Mat 4 has been gradual. The original donut-shaped Nav-Mat remains a favourite of mine. The flexible weighted base moulds to almost any shaped dashboard and its weight coupled with the non-slip backing ensures sat nav stays where you put it. The downside to this donut-shaped design was that the weighted raised base forced you to kink the power cable to your sat nav. Over time, this has seriously damaged the USB charging cable on my TomTom sat nav.

Following these concerns, the Nav-Mat II was launched. The Nav-Mat II was a good idea but never really got the thumbs-up from us at the Burton Mail. This super-slim design did away with the weighted base and replaced it instead with sticky Bracketron TemperBond technology. This super-sticky Nav-Mat remained firmly in place on your dashboard but had a nasty habit of picking up crumbs and hair from within your car. After prolonged use in the sun, we also found the Nav-Mat II starts to curl at the edges and deform. The Nav-Mat III returned to the principle of using a weighted base design and was made rectangular rather than the original donut design in an attempt to prevent kinking of the power cables.

The idea was almost perfect but the Nav-Mat III was simply too small and too lightweight and didn’t hold to the dashboard as well as we would have liked. Following our review of the Nav-Mat III we laid down the recipe for what we considered to be the perfect Nav-Mat — a heavy, rectangle-shaped pad with plenty of anti-slip material on the underside.

Welcome to the Nav-Mat 4 and that’s what we have. A rectangular mat which weighs 600grams. This weight coupled with a non-slip backing material ensures you sat nav stays in place.

I tested this latest Nav-Mat on a 300-mile journey as it had to stay firm on one of the most peculiar shaped dashboards I have experienced. As it remained firm in these extreme conditions, the latest version of the Nav-Mat certainly gets my seal of approval.