Nav-Mat Licensed

14 March 2008
Nav-Mat Licensed

Nav-Mat licensed by The Association of Chief Police Officers

Southmid Products are proud to have received product licensing for the Nav-Mat from the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).
ACPO Crime Prevention Initiatives Limited is a not-for profit company and was established in 1999 to manage Secured by Design and similar crime prevention initiatives at a national level. It is entirely owned by the Association of Chief Police Officers and their chief police officers endorse and support the Secured by Design programme.

Secured by Design saw the Nav-Mat as a very useful product to reduce the theft of Sat-Nav devices. Calvin Beckford, Secured by Design Development Officer for South England commented, "We particularly liked the Nav-Mat as it is a simple solution for a major crime problem affecting the UK. We saw its particular benefits being; it keeps the windscreen clear of obstructions, there are no suction marks left on the windscreen, the windscreen suction mount is less likely to be left on view in the vehicle."
To access the Secured by Design website, click the link